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Supercharge  Anything

The easiest and most affordable edible on the market. Our tinctures are great way to dial in  the exact amount of high you would like to experience. With our easy dose droppers these tasteless drops are easy to dose anything!


The Pure line of tinctures is comprised of cannabis derived CBD only and are made with 99%+ pure CBD isolate and MCT oil. CBD is proven to relieve pain and inflammation, have anti-psychotic effects, reduce anxiety and many other benefits. This is our only tincture with zero THC and is non psychoactive.

Dose your morning coffee or tea for a nice start to your day! Great in smoothies or let it sit under your tongue for instant absorption.

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Full Spectrum THC

Our Full Spectrum tincture packs a major punch with 1,000mg of THC. This formula utilizes the high cannabinoid content and purity of distillate to achieve a potent yet tasteless edible experience. 

This formula like the Pure CBD tinctures is great on the go to supercharge any food or drink you wish to enhance. Just be careful not to go overboard! 

Enhanced tinctures

Our Enhanced Tinctures are the only tinctures of ours that have a taste. Each version is infused with organic essential oils and other all natural ingredients for a more targeted medicinal effect. 

ZEN - The perfect mood enhancer. Containing lavender, frankincense, ylang ylang, bergamot and maca root, this special blend of ingredients help relieve stress and anxiety, calm your mind and even promote hormone balance.

DOZE - Perfect for trouble sleeping. This special blend contains lavender, roman chamomile, vetiver, orange, and magnesium. This combo will give anyone a perfect night’s rest.

ENERGIZE - Great day time energy and focus boost. This 300mg CBD and 200mg THC along with lime, grapefruit, orange, lemon, B12 and matcha will give you that pick up you need.


Ratio tinctures

Our Ratio Tinctures are made for the wide variety of cannabis users' needs. The ratio tinctures are a mix of CBD and THC to create a synergistic effect between the two, improving the desirable effects of each. 


We have the CBD dominant 20:1 for those who aren't looking for a THC high or those who are new to edibles. This is a great daily defense to keep you loose and your mind at ease without the groggy THC high feeling.

There is the 4:1 CBD heavy tincture that is great for relieving anxiety, for relaxation, healing and as an anti-inflammatory. This tincture is great for those with a lower tolerance for THC.

The 1:1 even ratio tincture is a great universal remedy. The even ratio of CBD and THC is what scientists like to call the perfect balance for the most medicinal benefits.