Vape Right

Check out the all new Live Resin Liquid Diamonds Sauce carts! Perfect for dabbers and concentrate connoisseurs alike. Tastes like a perfect temp dab every hit.


The contents of the live resin line is a combination of high terpene extraction (HTE) and Liquid THCa.

High Terpene Extract or HTE is a diverse terpene loaded concentrate that has been naturally separated from the major cannabinoids like THCa and CBD.

The major cannabinoids that have been separated from the HTE are liquified to work in cartridges.

They are then combined to form strain specific concentrate more commonly known as liquid diamonds. Each strain has a refined and unique natural flavor profile.

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Distilled Cannabis oil

Our high potency strain specific distilled cannabis carts pack quite the punch. These distilled carts contain over 90% THC along with our all natural strain specific terpene profiles.

The distilled line is refined down to the basics containing only cannabinoids and terpenes. This allows for a much higher THC potency and very euphoric high. What they lack in the diversity of cannabis they make up for in potency.

The strain profiled natural terpenes allow us to create a consistent flavor for each and every batch. These carts are an amazing entry to vaping!


Both carts are great in their own regards. The real decision is up to personal preference. Do you want a true to cannabis experience that has been designed to retain the true essence of the cannabis plant OR are you looking for a more run of the mill flavor that doesn't scream I am smoking cannabis?

For an avid smoker and even more so for a dabber we say stick to the live resin sauce cart. For the beginners or those who want to smoke without anyone realizing it then the distilled vapes are the route to take.

Either choice you make, all you need to know is that you will not regret either experience!